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Book Your Tour From A Local DMC Or Your Trusted Travel Partner

24 Jul 2023

How often, do we encounter a hold up if we start doing the business of tour booking ourselves or if we rely on an online portal?  The over whelming reason to try out ourselves to book a tour package or stick to an online portal is perhaps the cost. In this blog, an attempt has been made to unravel the cost dynamics that goes on in the trade.

There is different pricing mechanism deployed in the Industry, unknown to a large section of a discerning tourist. The Online travel agents exploit the situation and take advantage by displaying a really attractive price. Sure enough, when the booking is confirmed at the payment gateway stage, either they would be a subtle increase without creating a suspicion or at a later point in time, after commencement of tour, or nearing the D day of travel, they would come out with “hidden” charges.   Just imagine a situation; if the tourist had kept a definite budget in mind, the holiday is all ready ruined even before it would have started. The Online travel agent has a very poor record of “after sales service”, and the headaches for a customer start here. 

What are the advantages of a local DMC or your trusted travel partner?

Quite naturally your trusted travel partner would have won your trust over the years. The level of comfort increases manifold when a tour plan is routed to the trusted agent. End of the day, it gives a discerning traveller the advantage of reaching out mid way when the tour is in progress to his or her travel partner, should a crisis arise enroute.   In one instance, quite recently, the tour operator who was servicing his client, with a package consisting of hotels and transportation, ran out of luck, when an unexpected major breakdown happened. The agent in this case was pro active and a replacement vehicle was sent with minimum loss of time to enable the tourist to enjoy the remaining portion of the itinerary.

Well, this will not be the case if the booking is through an online portal. As mentioned earlier they Online company lives in a virtual world, and any unexpected pitfalls means the end of a disrupted tour for the hapless individual.  The problem gets even more complicated when it is a group of larger family with children, who have to encounter unfamiliar situations.

The local DMC or the trusted travel partner have resources under their command and will be prepared to execute an alternate plan in the event of disruptions in the tour itinerary.  If the traveller examines the pros and cons of a local agent or trusted travel partner, not withstanding costs, the pros far outweighs the cons.

How can Skyway help? 

To start with the available resources at their disposal for any tour is planned in such a manner that the guest is kept in the loop at all times, so that there are no unexpected surprises.  Skyway is well organised travel company who focus on pre-sales, understanding customer requirement and post sale, staying connected with the travellers enroute a tour.  Their team of Mr. Manjunatha  / Prasanna  / Anthoney / Shylaja  who are reachable on Mobile Nos. 9845199077 / 9845172820 / 9845187717 / 98451 88115 would be more than happy to assist,  a potential traveller  for an oncoming tour programme.  In fact, they really make the guest feel important and thus increasing his/her confidence level to come back again for the next tour itinerary for the future.    Skyway has 24/7 support to call: 8884 467467 for customers to reach any time.

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