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Visa And Travel Insurance: Overseas Travel Guide

17 Jul 2023

As a traveller have you ever wondered why visa is required to travel abroad?  Many restrictions and relaxations are imposed by foreign countries to purely augment and control the movement of travellers. The primary aim is to check immigration, ill legal entry and address security concerns of the countries proposed to be travelled.    Diplomatic protocol amongst countries largely determines the extent of concessions that can be extended to a traveller. 

Visa issuance

Visa issuance could be for study, business or tourism purpose. The criteria for each of these categories are quite different. In this blog we shall touch upon the criteria needed for tourists to undertake foreign travel.  

The first and foremost requirement for the visa is the documentation process. Every country has a different criterion for a passport sized photograph to be appended along with the application. The check list for each country is also different. The stay duration is also different for different countries. Thus, a traveller when he tries to apply Online, without knowing the intricacies involved in visa processing would land up getting dejected as visa application faces rejection, on numerous different counts in the absence of fulfilling the visa norms. Moreover, under such circumstances the visa fees remitted also gets forfeited. 

It was reported that Indians paid over Rs.90/- crore for Schengen visas they were refused in 2022, more than 1 lakh visas were refused.  In addition to this, many buy tickets online seeing lowest fares, book hotels online; buy Overseas Mediclaim Insurance, without checking the cancellations rule even before getting visas, since all 3 are mandatory requirements to submit tourist visa application to Schengen countries.  They end up not only loosing visa fee paid, they lose money on tickets and hotels too. This loss is estimated around Rs.5000/- crores in 2022.

It is here, that the services of a physical travel agent come in handy. For starters, the physical travel agent is fully aware of all the criteria to be fulfilled for visa application. The travel agent with his professional knowledge will guide a potential foreign tourist on the documentation processes to be adhered to  and thereby most importantly saving time,  money and the avoidable tension, that one would have to do face by doing it under own arrangement.   Appointments for visa interview will also be managed effectively, should the application be routed through a travel company. Surely it is less of a head ache when you go through your travel agent.   

An important aspect which tourists invariably over look, when they do travel processing themselves, is -  as transients, in a third country involving stop over and change of flights. Many countries have a requirement of a transient visa. In the event of not having one, passengers run the risk of returning to home country or face consequences in accordance with local laws. This naturally leads to embarrassment and monetary loss. Therefore, the travel agent is the best advisor under such circumstances who would ensure all documents are complete in every respect, prior to journey commencement date.    

Overseas travel Insurance

This is another neglected area of overseas travel. It is like the old adage “Penny wise, pound foolish”.  The cost of travel insurance is very minimal when taken in advance along with the travel itinerary.  In fact, now a day’s overseas travel insurance has become mandatory. Though of course, there is no monitoring by any agency on this, it is in the interest of the overseas traveller to take precaution and be a happy and safe traveller. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances that a traveller may encounter, the insurance component will save the traveller.  

A traveller should be aware of the range of circumstances that will entitle him for overseas insurance claim. It could be loss of a pass port, or baggage loss, or unforeseen sickness and accidents in a foreign land which qualifies for coverage in a comprehensive overseas travel. The insurance package can be entrusted to the travel agent who will guide a prospective overseas traveller on this. In short, it is an additional layer of protection and saves the customer of loss, in the event of such circumstances.  

Skyway International Travels’ Service

Being a professional organisation, with good track record with over a quarter century of its presence, in rendering auxiliary travel related service, it would certainly be helpful and circumvent avoidable hardship of a traveller before undertaking overseas travel.  By outsourcing this aspect of the travel documentation, a lot of stress can be avoided by the travelling incumbent.  To know more details talk to Manjunath Or Prasanna   who can be reached out on Mobile: 9845199077 / 9845172820

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